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Zones and range together describe the battlefield. Weapons, abilities, and movement are influenced by your zone and the range to your targets. For example, a Shortbow can only be used one zone away (because its maximum range is SHORT), and battleaxe cannot be swung in a cramped zone (because it is HEAVY), and you can't RUN from an enemy at ARM'S LENGTH!


Zones divide up a combat area. They give flexibility in expressing mechanics without the rigidity of grids. As such, they are intentionally vaguely defined and can range from a few feet to 25 meters. It's up to the GM!

  • A battle map
  • Divided into zones


Zone Features

Zones affect mechanics based on a few features. Not all zones have features.

Attacks with HEAVY weapons get -2, and you cannot SWING WEAPON
You must MOVE when you RUN into the zone. If you fail, you still enter the zone but fall prone.
A required property for many mounted maneuvers
Ranged attacks into the zone affected by -2, and cannot be made through it.


Range determines the distance between actors. Each zone is connected by a segment -- the "unit" of distance between a zone.

Two zones linked by a segment.


Range Description Typical Terrain
Arm's Length Right next to you -
Near A few steps away, in the same zone as you Small room, cave tunnel
Short Up to 25 meter away, in a bordering zone Dense forest, swamp, large hall
Long Up to 100 meters (4 segments) away Forest, hills, city ruins, gigantic hall
Distant As far as the eye can see Plains, mountains

In essence:

  • If you're in the same zone as your enemy, you're either at Arm's length or Near.
  • Anything in an adjacent zone is Short
  • Anything between 1 and 4 segments away is Long.

Range and Movement

In combat, a RUN (fast action) will move you between zones or between near and arm's length. No roll is required unless it's a MOVE into a ROUGH zone.

Mounted animals can RUN between zones, and have a movement speed measured in segments. A horse, for example, has a movement speed of 2 segments, allowing the player to move two zones per round without spending any actions.

Range and Combat